Literacies and Multilingualism Research Group

Welcome to our website!

The research group Literacies & Multilingualsm works since 2013 to investigate processes of literacy acquisition in contexts of urban multilingualism, migration, multimediality and multimodality.

From the perspective of the New Literacy Studies and with a special interest in Multiliteracies, our research team is interested in the many aspects of plurilingual children's reading and writing acquisition.

Since 2014, our team is part of the Department of Linguistics at the University of Vienna.

The project My Literacies, funded in the Sparkling Science program, investigates primary school children's plurlingual language and literacy practices in school- and out-of-school practices.

The project Views in*2 Literacies, a Top Citizen Science project, encourages young people and adults to share their personal literacy stories with us. Participants can post their literacy narratives as digital stories on our participatory web-platform or tell us their story in storytelling events.

We work in a participatory research design and collaborate with teachers and students in primary and secondary schools as well as with institutions of adult education and in-service-teacher training to further develop inclusive practices of research in plurilingual literacy education.